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Thank you for your interest in using Pixel Witch for your customized web site. Each site comes complete with cascading style sheets, rollover buttons, META tags for search engine retrieval as well as your own custom template to ensure out of this world navigation!

Please take a moment to fill out the information below. Only the fields that have an asterisk are required. But remember the more information that you can give us the more accurately we can conjure up an estimate for your project.

After your submission your personal PWI representative will get back to you with an approximate estimate for your entire project. They will be your personal contact throughout your project. Unlike some web design houses, you are under no obligation by filling out our form or speaking to our representatives.


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Our business hours are
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Pixel Witch strives to assist you in understanding as much or as little as you want about starting your own web site. We can conjure up everything from the smallest graphic to entire web sites for you in a flash!

Pixel Witch makes it happen like magic; without putting a hex on your wallet!

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