I was blessed to have known Osa. She came into my life when I was at my lowest. She lifted my spirits and made me laugh. She was simply, “The Best Dog in the Universe.” She was a golf cart ridin’, squirrel chasin’, cat lovin’ dog.

She was taken way too soon. She was only 51/2 when she died of Lymphoma which is a type of cancer. I have been doing research on Lymphoma in dogs and have found that cancer in dogs was relatively rare till the 1950s when the dog food industry was born.

The resources I looked at show that many dog food manufacturers are actually putting known CARCINOGENS in dog food. Derivatives of Antifreeze!! Rubber hardener!! TUMORS!!

There are Rendering plants which sell the tumors, all the animals that died on the way to slaughter,—even Fluffy and Spot who weren’t picked up by their owners when they were put to sleep by the vet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this is not food fit for for consumption—by any living thing!

Please take the time to visit the web sites. Check out the books from the library. Then protest with your pocket book—make your own dog food…IT’S CHEAPER THAN BUYING IT!

I firmly believe that she was killed, in part by the commercial dog food I fed her; as well as the vaccines that were supposed to protect her. She got sick the day she got her Lymes Disease vaccination.

These sites discuss cancers that affects dogs as well as information as to what these large corporations are puttin’ commercial pet food! Perhaps by protesting with our wallets is the only thing we can do to fight these bastards who are putting POISON and TUMORS in our pets food. As of today there is no laws to protect our animals from these kinds of practices.

Check out the resources and decide for yourself. We created this site so that you may be spared the agony we went through with Osa.

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