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Basic Web
Site Hosting Plan
$14.95 per mo.

Pricing and services subject to change without prior notice.
For more information please read our
terms of service.

You're busy. You know you should be on the Internet; but your business isn't computers or even technology for that matter. These days it seems like you have to be a magician in order to understand just what it all means—let alone what you need.

Our automated systems are Unix-based which is known around the world for it's stability and scalability. Being the most used platform on the Internet today, it suits the needs of both beginner and advanced web sites.

Our hosting service also provide a static IP address/True Domain Names.

Basic Plan Includes

Free Set Up: We will handle creating your email accounts, mail forwarding, as well as email aliases.

50MB of Web Space: Plenty of room for your site to grow. This amount of space should allow you to post your site with room for more!

2GB Bandwidth Transfer: Transfer up to 2GB of data a month without incurring any additional fees. That's about 15,000 downloads of a company logo in a month for free!

Up to 10 POP3 Email Accounts: Each of your employees can now have their own email address! Or have separate accounts by department. Just whisper what you'd wish for and we'll make it appear like magic!

Email Forwarding: Email can be forwarded to any account within your domain that you wish!

Email Aliases: This feature allows you to set up general company email addresses such as sales@yourcompany.com, to really point to an employees address without compromising their private email address!

Email Auto Responders: This handy feature allows your email to answer itself! Out of the office or want to acknowledge that an email had been received? This is what you need to do it!

FTP Service: You will get a file manager, as well as 24/7 FTP usage. Send your pages to the Internet world whenever it's convenient for you! You can update your site as often as you like!

Multimedia Support: Want to let your visitors listen to audio or watch video or animation? Our servers can do it. Use shockwave or real audio and real video wherever you want.

Site Statistics: Get the skinny on who is visiting your site! The Basic package gives you detailed web statistics. Access your raw logs for to assist your marketing department in making strategic decisions regarding your site.

Technical Support: We also offer quick support via email. With our online manual and Help Desk we are always just one click away.

Connectivity & Hardware: Multiple OC-3c connectivity! Your files will be served up fast and hot with some of the the best transfer rates in the industry! Worried about your website's safety? Don't be! We use redundant (RAID ARRAY) storage to minimize the possibility of data loss and watch our networks 24/7 to make sure everything is going smooth.

Next, visit our Specials Area to shop for the site that suits you best!

Our business hours are
Monday through Friday 9am–5pm
Central Standard time.

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Pixel Witch strives to assist you in understanding as much or as little as you want about starting your own web site. We can conjure up everything from the smallest graphic to entire web sites for you in a flash!

Pixel Witch makes it happen like magic; without putting a hex on your wallet!

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