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Your site is up, but nothing is happening! What did you forget to do? You've checked your images, your links are unbroken…how can it be that no one knows your site has been posted?

You forgot to let the world know that you're out there! Let Pixel Witch tell the world you are there by registering your site for submission to the top search engines!

Millions of people use these search engines everyday to find what they need. Make sure you let them know that you're there. While this is a free service, it can be time consuming turning even the most patient soul into a raving demoness!

Let Pixel Witch can tame this unruly and vexing task. We can chant the proper text strings to the free search engine gods for you for only $49.95. Email us for more information on this service.

Also, don't forget to visit our Internet Information Area to find out about each of the pieces you need to get started, as well as ways to save money on marketing your site.

Don't forget to check our Specials section for great deals on Electronic Marketing packages as well as other specials that Pixel Witch is brewing up!

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Still have questions about submitting sites to search engines? Want to learn additional information on marketing your site? Our representatives are available for consultation during business hours.

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Pixel Witch strives to assist you in understanding as much or as little as you want about starting your own web site. We can conjure up everything from the smallest graphic to entire web sites for you in a flash!

Pixel Witch makes it happen like magic; without putting a hex on your wallet!

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